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Fitness Classes

Small group classes giving you individualized special attention

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Customized programs for your own individual needs and goals

BT Kids Club

The BT Kids Club is designed to keep kids fit in fun ways!

At Believe Transform, you will feel like an integral part of a close and intimate team,
all working towards achieving their ultimate personal goals & healthy living.


High volume traffic
You are just a statistic there
Social/Meat market

Staff does not know you
Fail to provide services
Do not measure progress



Small class numbers
Family atmosphere and community

Coaches know your name
Provide in making you feel at home
Attention to detail
We measure progress
We get you results & success


I had a short time line and an impossible goal...or so I thought! Michelle helped 'fine tune' the goal, then set out an action plan. With her positive approach and her expertise, I reached the goal....and more! GONE: 40 pounds. GONE: from size 14 to size 8. GAINED: healthy muscle and SO MUCH ENERGY!!!
I have been working with Believe Transform now for over a year. I have had amazing results and never have had coaches like this before they are so knowledgeable with diet to workouts to sculp and give you the body you desire. They have taught me this is a lifestyle change and if you believe in you, you can do anything…. life has no limits. Thank you Believe Transform for believing in me and changing my life for forever.
I have been working out with Believe Transform for over one year. I have never felt in better health. Michelle and Sally run a first class business, tons of knowledge and experience, and sets a great example in leading a healthy life style...and Michelle is not afraid to kick butt when she has too to help you reach your goals.
Not only have I found the right mix of activity and food; I have found a system that is consistant on all levels of a life change. Great strategies that make sense!
You guys are spectacular!!!! I have never seen any gym, fitness centre, or fitness establishment that knows exactly what someone needs to accomplish their goals!!! Not only that but to transform a person in such a dramatic, amazing, and healthy way!!! You should be so proud of what you are doing and how you are so AWESOME at what you do!!!! I am so impressed and amazed at your work!! Keep going and never stop what you are doing! You were obviously born to change peoples lives!
The small class sizes and personal attention has you feeling and seeing results immediately.
Sonja B
Michelle and Sally are the catalysts that make anyone believe that they can transform into a new, energetic person. I greatly enjoy my time at the gym as I have gained positive results and a new way of thinking! You too can believe and transform!
Lisa D-B
I have joined many gyms over the years and have not gotten the results I have from Believe Transform. The small class sizes and Michelle's attention to the personal needs of each person there have taken it over the top. It is like joining a community. I feel stronger, healthier, and connected to supportive folk that only want the best for themselves and others.

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Want To Improve Your Health & Start Living Fit & Healthy Today?

BTS was created to give an intimate atmosphere placing your needs first.
We offer smaller group classes where we can give you individualized special attention,
creating results and the success you are looking for to live a fit & healthy lifestyle! 

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