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health concerns

Do you need someone to help you assess your health concerns to make sure you are on the right track?

Do you struggle with sleep, stress, nutrition, hydration, and other health concerns and you are not sure how to help yourself with these things?


CFNC helps support you in address any missing information that will help you take self care to the next level

It can be hard to navigate your symptoms on your own, we offer you the opportunity to

health challenges

Better understand your challenges and concerns

health goals

Meet your health goals properly

measure health success

Ensure that what you are doing help you get on track with your efforts

free strategy session

Step 1: Free Strategy Session

We offer a free 15-20 minute Free Strategy session to answer questions and explain services in order to determine if we are a good fit together to reach your nutrition and health goals.

healthy habits

Not only will it guide you towards healthier eating habits, but it can also help reduce chronic inflammation, improve immunity and digestion, boost energy levels, as well as increase mental clarity and focus. 

With an emphasis on whole foods and healthy dietary patterns, a functional nutrition plan is designed to alleviate existing symptoms and, more importantly, restore optimum health from the ground up.

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Step 2: Intake Form

You will complete a comprehensive intake form. This can be done together or at home at your connivence.

Step 3: TimeLine Session

This is a 1-hour session that maps out their health history. This is an important session to really see what is going on with their health and health history.

Step 4: Nutritional Counselling Session

Counseling session discussing their challenges, recommendations, action steps, matrix information, and putting all the pieces together.

Step 5: Follow-up

Following up on your Action Plan and recommendations. We’ll be looking at next steps on your health journey.

Once you have completed the steps above you are well on your way to figuring out the “Root Causes” of your health concerns. With your action plan in place, your journey to heal your body will start. I look forward to walking side by side with you on your journey to heal, recover, and rejuvenate.

As a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner I work within my scope of practice and do not diagnose, prescribe or treat instead my role is to understand the whole person and educate you about why your health challenges arose and on how to take back control of your own health. I help you fill the GAP that exists between you and your physician.