Exercise… We either love it or hate it… but why?

It’s because we must move and if we are not used to movement, it hurts us.


I want to help you love movement and love exercise.

Aches, pains, functional movements like bending and reaching begin to start to bother us at any age if we are not used to it. It can put our dreams of playing golf, walking or hiking, and traveling, in jeopardy because we just can’t do the things we love to do.

We know that working on our personal fitness goals can help us to prevent disease, joint pain, and pains associated with age. Its easy to keep saying I will get up early to work out or I will start on Monday. But when you have a good personal trainer who motivates you and you start to feel the energy come back and feel like you can do it… things get easier, and you just want to work out… in fact you need to work out to feel so amazing.

Its time to BELIEVE you can! I have had people not be able to go down a set of stairs and become super fit. We start where you are, and we go slow and steady to get you where you want to go.

There is NO JUDGEMENT… we want to help you


Two Ways To Get a Personal Trainer

In person in Hillsdale (near Barrie)

  • Start with 6 weeks x 2 twice per week.
  • One to one session – no one else there but you and your personal trainer (totally private)
  • Workouts set up for you based on your goals.

Virtual Training

  • Online coaching sessions with your personal trainer
  • Workouts are based on equipment you have in your home or the gym you might be going to
  • Workout plans based on the time frame you will be working out
  • Workouts based on your goals.
  • Question sessions to answer any questions you may have on your workout.

Let’s talk…one to one or virtually to get you started today. YOU CAN DO THIS!

I KNOW my approach works. I literally have plastered walls worth of testimonials and before & after pictures. These are real people just like you.

Here’s a sampling:

personal trainer barrie

Weight Loss Testimonials

personal trainer weight loss


When I came to Believe Transform all I wanted was to be fit. My dream has always been to look like a bodybuilder, but I never thought I could actually do it.

My dream came true… and now I believe in myself, and I know I can do anything. There are no limits- Thank you Believe Transform.

personal trainer weight loss

Deb Bass

There are pivotal moments in life, and meeting Michelle has been one of these.  Michelle motivated me to be my best self, her knowledge and understanding of fitness and nutrition is second to none and she drove me to the pinnacle of my physical and mental fitness.  Michelle makes you feel you are the only person who matters, you feel your journey begins with Michelle as a client but ends with you having the tools to continue your fitness goals along side a good friend, Michelle is truly an outstanding personal trainer and the warmest most genuine person.

personal trainer weight loss


Believe Transform is an amazing fitness studio!

“I went to Michelle the owner also my personal trainer/nutritionist with multiple health issues and with time, patience and a lot of support mindset, I’ve certainly have reached my goals with more training to come!!”

I would highly recommend Michelle and her studio to be the most enjoyable, high active, educational studios! Her junior assistant Diego will put a smile on everyone face.

It has certainly changed my life!

personal trainer weight loss


When I came to Believe Transform all I wanted was to be fit. My dream has always been to look like a bodybuilder, but I never thought I could actually do it.

My dream came true… and now I believe in myself, and I know I can do anything. There are no limits- Thank you Believe Transform.

personal trainer weight loss


I have been attending fitness classes and personal training sessions with Michelle Reichart of Believe Transform for the last 10 years. In this time, I have not only changed my body composition but have learned valuable lessons on nutrition and lifestyle. Michelle inspired me to compete in a transformational competition of the IDFA. This goal taught me that anything is attainable if you have the right trainer who is able to support my training objectives.

I highly recommend Michelle Reichart of Believe Transform, a motivational personal trainer, who is knowledgeable, flexible, and whose personal approach encourages me and many others to continue attaining our goals.

personal trainer weight loss near Barrie

Matthew Candelora

Believe Transform helped me to learn how to eat balanced meals and fuel my body with good food.  Working out and eating healthy is now part of my life and I love it!

personal trainer near Barrie


I have always wanted to be a GOOD mentor for my kids and to show them that mom can do anything.  By doing the Transformation process from start to finish showed my friends and family that you can do anything you want to do if you believe. This journey made me feel like I could achieve anything in life. I BELIEVE in me again!

personal trainer near Barrie

Sandy Rowe

If you are looking for people that truly understand your challenges and your feelings you have chosen the diamond. No judgement but an understanding of your individual needs both nutritional and physical. Michelle and Sally have been instrumental in changing my life and understanding that it is a life change not a quick fix. Both knowledgeable and the most caring individuals I have met.

personal trainer near Barrie


Because Michelle is not one of those skinny bitches. She has struggled with health and weight issues and felt the pain. She understands my situation and her empathy is real. It comes from her personal experience.

personal trainer near Barrie

Ashley Adair

Michelle is an amazing personal trainer! She helps you mentally, physically, & soulfully. I’ve had the best experience working out with Michelle because she keeps me motivated and pushing forward. Thank you for helping me help myself!

Our programs are not for everyone… we start with a FREE consultation because I want to make sure we are a good fit for working together. I want us to be a team.

If you’re read this far and you like what you’re reading, then let’s meet for a free consultation. You won’t be disappointed!